How does your sizing run?

We call it "American Sizing". We build our apparel with specifications that have been developed over the years of making and selling jackets in the USA. They fit true to size. If you are unsure of your size, simply put a tape measure around your chest and the measurement in inches is your jacket size.

Are all your products Made in USA?

No, only our leathers are made in USA. Gloves, Textile jackets and Rainsuits are imported.

What is the thickness of your leather?

Leather is measured 2 ways. Firstly, the old American way which is ounces per square inch. Secondly, the newer metric system which is measured in millimeters. Our leather comes 2 measurements of thickness.

1.Premium cowhide in styles 511C, 850, 375 vests, and 509 chaps averages 3 1/4 ounces or 1.3MM.

2.Our thicker full grain naked cowhide in styles 511N, 711, and 515 is 3 1/2 ounces or 1.4MM.

What is Naked leather?

Full Grain Naked leather is the best cowhide money can buy. Only the top 10% of hides are perfect enough to be used as "naked". Naked refers to hides that have not been sanded, or buffed to remove imperfections or natural marks on the surface of the hide. The natural grain remains, allowing for fiber strength, breathability, and durability. At Brooks we use full grain naked cowhide with a light level coat to protect the leather from fading as a result of exposure to UV rays, as well as oil and grease stains. The result is a natural grain cowhide that is thick, yet soft and supple, and feels already "broken in".

What is premium cowhide?

At Brooks, premium cowhide is a corrected cowhide that has had a grain and pigment (die) applied to its surface. The hides used to create corrected leather do not meet the standards for use in naked or aniline leather. The imperfections are covered by an artificial grain impressed into the surface and dressed with dyes or finish. It is tough, durable, and stain and fading resistant.

Are all your leathers drum dyed?


Can I buy from Brooks direct?

Yes, especially if there is no stocking dealer near you. We will assist you with sizing and any questions you might have. We take Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. If the product is not what you want, or you need another size, you are free to return it free of charge. We want a happy Brooks customer. We may also direct you to your nearest Brooks stocking dealer.

Can I buy from a dealer?

Yes, of course. Any Brooks stocking dealer will be happy to help you with your purchase. There is a dealer directory on this site for the dealer nearest you.

If my leather garment should get wet how do I dry it?

Leather should be air dried at room temperature. Do not force the drying time with direct heat. Preferably, lay your jacket flat on a towel and allow 24 hours to dry.

I'm 6' 4" tall. Can you make me a jacket?

Yes of course. There are instructions on how to measure on this site. There is also a measure form. A good way is to try on a Brooks jacket that is your chest size, and then tell us what alterations you need. Someone 6' 4" tall would need 3" on body length and 2" on sleeve length as an example. We do charge a fee of $100 extra for a custom jacket, vest or chaps.

What zippers do you use?

We only use YKK wherever possible. Our YKK zippers are Made in USA in Marietta, Georgia. Zippers we use come in 3 "colors". Black Military which is an oxidized brass anodized black, silver (actually aluminum), and antique brass.

Do you do repairs?

Yes, but only to Brooks jackets. We replace zippers, linings, and fix rips and tears. We charge $125.00 to refurbish your Brooks jacket Send it to us, and remember to include a note with what you need done and your return address. We will contact you for a credit card number upon completion and send your repaired jacket to you. Due to the popularity of this service, please allow 4 weeks turn around time.

I have a 50 year old Brooks jacket and I lost the zip out liner. Can you replace it?

Yes and no. We no longer use the same aluminum zip out zipper that is in your old Brooks, so the zipper in your jacket has to be replaced, otherwise it will not be compatible to the new YKK self repairing nylon coil zippers we use now. We also use a poly fill quilted liner now. The old acrylic fur liner is no longer available. We charge $125 to replace the zipper and zip out liner in your old vintage Brooks jacket.

How do I care for my Brooks leather jacket?

We stress the need to maintain your Brooks jacket. Leather has natural oils that make it supple. Over the years, these oils dry out.We recommend Pecard Leather Care at www.pecard.com or call them at 800 467 5056.

What does the 5 year Brooks Warranty cover?

Click on our Brooks warranty conditions in the 5 Year Warranty at the bottom of the Home Page.